About Me

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for cutting-edge technology, business intelligence and the world of buying and selling online businesses.

Having years of experience in the online business acquisitions industry, I was one of the original co-founders and the concept creator of Centurica – the world’s first online business Due Diligence Agency, as well as the original director and a co-founder of FE International (then Flipping Enterprises) and the Head of Brokerage for Flippa.com‘s premium brokerage service Deal Flow.

Currently, I maintain a portfolio of web businesses, as well as advise sellers of online businesses through Quiet Light Brokerage.

Before launching FE in 2009, I was involved in various online projects, both as a consultant and an investor, as well as in the online gaming industry, where I used to run the Marketing and Customer Service department of a prominent online poker operator.


Apart from my main projects, I also offer personal consulting and coaching in the areas of Website Acquisitions, Due Diligence, SaaS Technical Audits and Valuations.My clients range from private investors looking to acquire one or more web properties, to corporations that need expert advice to establish and optimise their overall acquisition strategy.

For more information, see http://BryanOneil.com/hire-me/.

Publications / Media

I have published a fair number of articles and presented at various conferences and trade shows. Pieces that I personally like the most include:

The Break Up: End Your Love Affair With Organic Traffic! (Flippa.com, July 2013)

Key Differences in Performing Due Diligence on Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar Businesses (BizBuySell.com, July 2013)

Presentation: 7 Common Website Due Diligence Mistakes (Slideshare, June 2013)

What If Your Dream Site Is a Rotten Tomato? (Flippa.com, September 2013) 

Find Out More

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