I Buy Websites

My business partners and I are constantly on the lookout for profitable websites and businesses in the $100k – $2 million range.

Our core criteria for the businesses that we look at is:

  • At least 1 year of profitability
  • At least $25,000 in yearly net profit / cash flow
  • Google Analytics installed to prove traffic
  • Revenue and traffic are not declining
  • Operates in a legitimate and “non-shady” industry

If your site fits this criteria then let’s talk!

Why sell to us?

We’re a group of private investors who have operated in the website acquisitions industry for over a decade and built up a significant portfolio of sites.

This means that should your site be of interest, we can guarantee a quick, safe and hassle-free transaction, without having you worry about broker fees, countless phone calls with potential buyers who don’t follow through and most importantly – not putting your business sale in front of the public and risk damaging its value.

Let us make you an offer!

Email me at bryan@bryanoneil.com with the URL, a quick overview of the site, revenue/profit details and traffic details.

If the site seems to be a good match then I’ll send you some more questions and will make you an offer to purchase.