Ask Me Anything

Join me on Reddit and Ask Me Anything (Happening NOW!)

Today is an important day. It marks the victory of an important battle in my personal War Against Procrastination.

For no less than 3 years I’ve been thinking of organising an “Ask Me Anything” – and the time has finally come.

For those few of your who don’t know what an “AMA” (short for Ask Me Anything) is, it’s somewhat similar to a press conference, but with a few key differences:

  • There’s no press. Instead, there are people like you from around the world.
  • It’s not a conference. Instead, the whole point of an AMA is to allow people to ask the person in the “hot seat”, well, anything!

Ask me about my areas of expertise (buying, selling and running web-based businesses, due diligence, deal negotiation, valuation), about my background, pick my brain on my favourite productivity hacks – anything.

Just do me a favour and upvote my AMA if you like it, so that it would reach more people! 🙂

It’s happening NOW  – visit to be part of the action!


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