I'm a serial entrepreneur with a passion for tech, business intelligence and mergers & acquisitions. I've co-founded Centurica, FE International & Optimum Feedback and launched Flippa Deal Flow. I'm also a Business Advisor for Quiet Light Brokerage.

Selling a web business on an auction

Why the Auction Model Doesn’t Work for Selling a Website

When selling a website or an online business, you usually have three overall models to choose between – run an auction, set an asking price, or advertise the business without a price.

The asking price and the auction models are both quite popular. The asking price model is a clear “winner” in terms of popularity in mid- to high end acquisitions, but the auction model is very common for a lot of low-end website purchases.

But does it really work, or does it hurt the involved parties instead?

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Expert's Guide to Website Due Diligence - Part 1

Experts’ Guide to Website Due Diligence – Part 1

In this series of articles, I’ll be covering the whole process of website due diligence, from start to finish. The guide is intended to prove a useful resource for those about to purchase a website or an online business, to make sure you won’t get scammed out of your money or buying a business that carries a significant risk of failure or loss of revenue.

In Part 1 of this guide, we’ll look at website due diligence in general, what it consists of, how the process works, and how it differs from business model to business model.

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Strategies to Increase Website Value

6 Strategies for Maximising Your Website’s Market Value

Many of us have websites that generate some kind of revenue month to month. These sites are often worth a significant amount and selling may be the perfect option to fuel your new business or help you invest elsewhere.

But it’s not all fun and games – there are some important things that one needs to consider before rushing into selling off a potentially very valuable asset. Some of these things can significantly affect how your site will be valued at, and in some cases whether it will even be bought at all!

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Fraud in Website Acquisitions

Guide to Live Revenue Verification on a Website Purchase

So what is live revenue verification and what’s all the fuss about?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – NEVER trust a screenshot or a video walkthrough, unless the purchase price doesn’t exceed what you’d spend on a dinner. There should be absolutely no exceptions to this rule, ever.

This guide walks you through the whole process of Live Revenue Verification and shows you the red flags to look for in your next online business acquisition.

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Don't Buy a $100k Lemon of a Website

How to Buy a Profitable Web Business for $100k or Less

The two most common questions people ask from me are “how should I go about buying a website for <$100,000?” and “Can I find a decent online business for less than 2x its yearly profit?”. These questions are often asked by the same people. The answers to them are more complicated than one might think, and if you were to ask 10 people somewhat familiar with the online acquisitions industry then odds are that you’d hear answers ranging from “It’s impossible” to “Easy. Just browse Flippa” – both of which are colossally wrong.

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Fraud in Website Acquisitions

4 Website Due Diligence Mistakes That Burn Buyers Daily

Due diligence is a tricky subject and one that can’t be very easily taught or learned, making many buyers choose to leave it to professionals instead. But there are a number of simple but crucial things that everyone who’s thinking of buying a website or an online business is better off knowing themselves. In this article, I’ll cover the 5 arguably most common mistakes that are often made by buyers new to the industry and some experienced buyers alike.

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Laptop Covered in Sand

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Running an Online Business

More people than ever before jump on the bandwagon to buy an online business. Some do it for the cash flow, others for the ‘lifestyle benefits’, and a few because that’s what they’re good at.

Even though the process of buying an online business has gotten very simple, and brokers would like you to believe that so is owning an operating one, there are some things that a lot of people who are new to the industry don’t account with or discover until it’s too late.

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