WeBrokr Review

WeBrokr Brokerage Review

Established in 2012 along with a number of other brokerages, WeBrokr.com is owned and operated by Logan Abner. WeBrokr appears to focus mostly on higher value listings ($500,000 and up), however they have been witnessed to list properties as small as $80,000 at times.


Valuations tend to range from extremely optimistic (4x yearly net profit is a normal occurrence, with some properties being listed at 10x and higher) to very conservative, indicating that sellers likely have a major say in valuations and rarely get turned down due to unrealistic price expectations.

Due Diligence / Asset Quality

Whilst the reviewer hasn’t seen and analysed a large number of WeBrokr’s listings, based on the small sample looked at, properties seem to be of decent quality.

Quality of Marketing Materials

The reviewer hasn’t had the pleasure to review WeBrokr’s marketing materials and is therefore unable to comment.

Longevity / Reliability

Based on the information available to the reviewer, WeBrokr appears to be wholly operated by Mr. Abner with no additional staff. This presents somewhat of a risk to reliability, as should the only broker become available mid-transaction, the buyer/seller are left with no safety net.


The reviewer has no reason to doubt in WeBrokr’s integrity.

Inventory and Turnaround

With approximately 4-7 live listings on average, listing turnaround is somewhat slow, and larger listings are often witnessed to remain available for extended periods of time.

WeBrokr appears to operate on a high-vaule / low-volume model, whereby only a handful of transactions are completed each year.


Established: 2012
URL: http://WeBrokr.com/
Director/Broker: Logan Abner

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  • Mark A.

    Does this brokerage even work? I tried requesting listing details but they never got back to me….

    • It doesn’t look like Logan has had any new listings for quite a long time (my records show that the last one was in November), so may well have stopped or scaled down brokerage. That said, WeBrokr has never had many listings so it may just be a quiet period.