Digital Exits Review

Digital Exits Brokerage Review

Digital Exits is one of smaller brokerages, established and owned by Jock Purtle in 2014. Whilst the company has been around for some time, its deal volume is relatively small and it doesn’t employ any brokers apart from Jock Purtle itself.


Valuations range widely and appear to be largely dictated by sellers.

Due Diligence / Asset Quality

Similarly to valuations, asset quality levels tend to vary widely, however based on the reviewer’s knowledge fraudulent listings tend to be spotted early and not listed.

Quality of Marketing Materials

In the reviewer’s opinion, Digital Exits’ marketing materials are normally acceptable, however not close to the level that some larger brokerages provide.

Longevity / Reliability

As with any brokerage that is operated by a single director/broker, there exists the risk of the broker becoming unavailable mid-transaction with no backup options in place and no-one to take over the transaction.


We have no reason to doubt in Digital Exits’ integrity.

Inventory and Turnaround

Inventory tends to be extremely limited, with only a few listings live at any given time. Turnaround can vary from extremely fast to extremely slow, and Digital Exits is known to co-broker with several other brokerages in order to achieve quicker turnaround times.


Established: 2014
Director/Broker: Jock Purtle

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