5 Top Resources for Selling Your Website

5 Top Resources for Selling Your Website For $20,000 Or More

Planning to sell your website any time soon? Check out my recent presentation for some must-have resources to get the highest possible price and avoid making mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars.

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  • Dieter

    Hello Bryan, I am Dieter from Netherlands. I want to sell my videochat site… Have any suggestions for me? It is a site we worked 2 year to develop it, and many people say its the livejasmin quality with more features. We been live for some months, grow at Alexa at top 100K in 3 months. Wanna sell it because I have enough of the online business

    • Hi Dieter! Generally speaking, sites that have only a few months of revenue history are extremely difficult to sell and the valuations are always very low. Brokers typically don’t touch anything less than a year old, so your only option would be listing it at a public marketplace, e.g. Flippa.

      With that in mind you’d be much better off holding on to the site and offloading it after it’s been generating revenue for at least a year or thereabouts, as the difference in the price that you’d get for it is several times.

      Why not hire someone on a commission basis to run the site for you if you don’t want to do it yourself any longer?

      Hope this helps!