Buyer Services

Being an industry veteran and someone who has experience both as an investor, a broker and a consultant, I sometimes take on private consulting and coaching clients to either assist them with their one-off acquisitions or to help formulate long-term acquisition and growth strategies.

I offer consulting and coaching in the following areas:

  • Website Due Diligence (Quality of Earnings) on Ecommerce, SaaS & Content businesses.
  • SaaS Technical Audits
  • Financial Audits & Earnings Verification
  • Deal guidance – Offer preparation, Letter of Intent (LOI) drafting
  • Web Business Valuations

Get in touch with me on if you wish to discuss a project, or use the facility below for quick, one-off consulting calls.


I have really enjoyed my experience in working with Bryan. It was very valuable to me as a complete novice to have his expertise at my disposal. Bryan was always available to answer my questions and responded quickly to any of my emails. I have been extraordinarily happy with the excellent work, high level of service, and reasonable prices. Bryan exceeded my expectations and I have referred his services to my close friends!

— Roma Jedrysiak,

Is there a way to describe somebody’s help that transforms your life in a monumentally positive way, in words?!

Bryan is just that kind of partner to have on your side. I can trust Bryan with my eyes closed! He and I have worked on several deals together for the last 2 years. He has never been shy to tell me to stop wasting my time if there was something not worth pursuing. And therefore when he DOES give a green light to a deal, you can bet you have a winner.

Thank you Bryan! Looking forward to working with you on future deals as well (hopefully soon!).

— A’tif Kazmi, Bevo Media

Bryan – a real pleasure speaking with you. For a novice like me, your guidance is invaluable and I am grateful for your insights. In a space with frauds and quick-turn artists, your appraisal is the most important first step for investors like myself. I have just enough knowledge to get myself in over my head, and your explanations have been thorough and comprehensible.

— Morgan H