Quiet Light Review

Quiet Light Brokerage Review

*** Please Note: As of 2016 I’ve joined the team at QLB as a business advisor, and therefore represent some of QLB’s businesses for sale. As such, I’ve not and will not update the above review, published in December 2015, to avoid any possible bias ***

Founded in 2008, Quiet Light is one of the more established brokerages in the industry. Their inventory moves relatively quickly and they tend to list properties priced anywhere between $100,000 and $5 Million.

Quiet Light appears to specialize mostly on ecommerce businesses and they’ve listed and sold a large number of medium to large ecommerce operations.


Properties are typically priced reasonably, but there appears to always be some room for negotiating.

Due Diligence / Asset Quality

Reports about the level of due diligence performed by Quiet Light vary and appear to depend mostly on the individual broker in charge of the listing.

Regardless, based on the reviewer’s experience most QLB’s brokers tend to show extreme diligence and only list high quality assets. As such, the overall quality of due diligence performed by Quiet Light appears to be sufficient, and certainly exceeds that of some smaller brokerages.

Quality of Marketing Materials

As Quiet Light doesn’t appear to have a centralized listing process, the quality of marketing materials differs significantly from broker to broker.

They do, however, always provide a thorough seller interview and in most cases a decent level of information about the property listed.

Longevity / Reliability

Whilst Quiet Light operates with three brokers in addition to the owner, it is my understanding that there is little in a way of centralized processes.

This means that in case the broker in charge of a particular listing becomes unavailable, there are others who can help and take over, but disruptions and inconvenience are likely.


Quiet Light is showing a high level of integrity both in their dealings with clients and partners, as well as their marketing practices. As such, there doesn’t appear to be any reason for concern.

Inventory and Turnaround

QLB typically has between 5-10 sites listed at any given time and is usually showing a relatively healthy turnaround, with smaller businesses taking 1-3 months to become unavailable and larger ones slightly longer, on average.


Established: 2008
URL: http://QuietLightBrokerage.com
Director: Mark Daoust
Brokers: Joe Valley, Amanda Raab, Jason Yelowitz, Brad Wayland, Chuck Mullins


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  • Steve

    Thank you for the review Bryan. My experience with quietlight has been similar. Good listings but memorandums are hit and miss sometimes depending on broker.

  • Mark Daoust

    Thank you for the review, Bryan! And thanks Steve for the comment. It is very helpful to show us how we can improve to make the experience stronger for buyers and sellers alike!

  • Juan X

    I sold my business through Quiet Light Brokerage last year and had an amazing experience. Joe was very helpful and professional and helped me throughout. I can definitely recommend Quiet Light and Joe Valley and will be returning once I’m ready for my next exit. Juan

  • Keith May

    I have a bad experience with Quietlight, took ages to get my business listed. They did not even sell, do not waste your time. Find a different platform to sell on.