Unbiased Broker Reviews

Website Broker Reviews – Which Broker to Choose?

Don’t know how to choose an online business broker? As someone who has worked with most of the brokers in the industry, I know who’s best in what and who are the fraudsters in the industry. I’m constantly reviewing all well-known brokerage services.

I’m in touch with a large number of sellers and buyers alike and always ask for their experiences with working with brokers. This allows me to provide the most accurate reviews available anywhere, hopefully helping you make the right decision.

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Quiet Light Review

Quiet Light Brokerage Review

Founded in 2008, Quiet Light is one of the more established brokerages in the industry. Their inventory moves relatively quickly and they tend to list properties priced anywhere between $100,000 and $5 Million.

Quiet Light appears to specialize mostly on ecommerce businesses and they’ve listed and sold a large number of medium to large ecommerce operations.

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