Acquisitions Direct Review

Acquisitions Direct Brokerage Review

Established in 2008, Acquisitions Direct is one of more established brokerages that specialises primarily in higher-value ($1 Million+) ecommerce listings but is seen to take on listings as small as low six figures.

Acquisitions Direct appears to operate on a high-value/low-quantity model, closing only a few transactions each year.


There’s significant variance seen in valuations but in most cases valuations tend to follow market standards, with some significant exceptions.

Due Diligence / Asset Quality

Whilst the reviewer hasn’t seen and analysed a large number of Acquisitions Direct’s listings, based on the small sample looked at, properties seem to be of decent quality.

Quality of Marketing Materials

Acquisitions Direct appears to put significant effort into creating listing marketing materials, however they also appear to mostly use ‘old-world’ tactics and haven’t introduced elements that buyers nowadays expect, such as a thorough seller questionnaire and marketing materials focusing mostly on factual information, rather than sales and marketing.

Longevity / Reliability

Having been operating for 7 years, there’s no reason to doubt in Acquisitions Direct’s longevity. The reviewer doesn’t know, however, how many brokers are employed and therefore it’s impossible to predict whether there are potential reliability issues arising from over-reliance on a single broker.


We have no reason to doubt in AD’s integrity.

Inventory and Turnaround

Inventory is generally between 5-10 active listings and turnaround times appear to be slower than usual, which is expected considering that Acquisitions Direct mostly focuses on higher-priced listings. The majority of listings appear to either sell or be delisted within 6-12 months from initial listing date.


Established: 2008
Director: Bob Young

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  • Dan

    From start to finish I had a great experience with Acquisitions Direct. I decided to work with them due to their honestly during the valuation process. There was no hard sales pitch. Throughout the entire sale of my business they were honest, quick and had an extremely effective sales process. I knew at each stage what was going on and what I needed to do. I had heard horror stories of due diligence but with them everything was organized and was not stressful. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to sell their ecommerce business.