WeSellYourSite Review

WeSellYourSite Brokerage Review

WeSellYourSite is likely the longest-established website brokerage, first starting operations in 2006. Simiarly to the majority of more established firms, WeSellYourSite mostly focuses on high-value listings, but have seen taking on listings as small as $200,000 at times.

WeSellYourSite is ran by Michael Koral, who also runs other businesses, such as Needls.com.


The majority of WSYS’s valuations appear reasonable, but there are significant exceptions where valuations appear over-inflated. Note, however, that the review has not reviewed such listings in detail and therefore can’t comment on whether these high valuations are backed by a plausible reason.

Due Diligence / Asset Quality

Based on the reviewer’s experience, WSYS appears to be fairly selective in terms of properties taken on and therefore fraud and low-quality properties are unlikely to be found.

Regardless, it’s always strongly recommended to perform thorough due diligence on every acquisition candidate.

Quality of Marketing Materials

Based on the reviewer’s own experience, WSYS’s marketing materials appear somewhat outdated and don’t feature the information that’s become generally expected by most buyers. Seller Interview / Questionnaire is not featured, and no thorough industry analysis is provided.

Longevity / Reliability

As the longest-operating brokerage in the world, there’s no reason to doubt in WSYS’s longevity. The company is ran by three managing partners, reducing the risk of irregular operations due to the unavailability of a particular broker.


We have no reason to doubt in WSYS’s integrity.

Inventory and Turnaround

WeSellYourSite typically has approximately 10 active listings at any given time, with relatively long turn around times, which are expected considering their focus on higher-value assets.

One can generally expect to see a 6-month turnaround time on average.


Established: 2006
URL: http://WeSellYourSite.com/
Directors: Michael Koral, Justin Hartzman, Jeremy Poriah

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