Unbiased Broker Reviews

Website Broker Reviews – Which Broker to Choose?

Don’t know how to choose an online business broker? As someone who has worked with most of the brokers in the industry, I know who’s best in what and who are the fraudsters in the industry. I’m constantly reviewing all well-known brokerage services.

I’m in touch with a large number of sellers and buyers alike and always ask for their experiences with working with brokers. This allows me to provide the most accurate reviews available anywhere, hopefully helping you make the right decision.

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Quiet Light Review

Quiet Light Brokerage Review

Founded in 2008, Quiet Light is one of the more established brokerages in the industry. Their inventory moves relatively quickly and they tend to list properties priced anywhere between $100,000 and $5 Million.

Quiet Light appears to specialize mostly on ecommerce businesses and they’ve listed and sold a large number of medium to large ecommerce operations.

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FE Inetnational Brokerage Review

FE International Review

Formerly Flipping Enterprises, FE International was established in 2009 by Thomas Smale and myself (I sold my shares and exited in late 2012). FE are one of the industry leaders in the sub-$1 Million market and tend to primarily list properties valued between $25,000 and $1 Million.

Recently, FE have seen to specialize mostly on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses, in which category they are likely the market leaders.

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Latonas Website Brokerage

Latonas Brokerage Review

Based on listing numbers, Latonas is the largest website brokerage, however it’s also by far the most controversial one. Established in 2011 (2009 as a Domain Brokerage, later pivoted), Latona’s generally lists smaller properties, anywhere…

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Empire Flippers Review

Empire Flippers Review

Empire Flippers operates a brokerage/marketplace hybrid that focuses primarily on lower-valued web assets, compared to traditional brokerages. Previously branded as AdsenseFlippers, buying and selling own web properties, the company was rebranded in 2013 and started offering brokerage as of 2014.

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WebsiteProperties Review

Website Properties Review

Originally a domain brokerage, Website Properties entered the online business brokerage space in 2007, making them one of the first players in the industry.

WP primarily specializes in higher-value ($1M+) listings, however as of recently they appear to have also started taking on smaller properties.

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WeBrokr Review

WeBrokr Brokerage Review

Established in 2012 along with a number of other brokerages, WeBrokr.com is owned and operated by Logan Abner. WeBrokr appears to focus mostly on higher value listings ($500,000 and up), however they have been witnessed to list properties as small as $80,000 at times.

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Acquisition Station Review

Acquisition Station Brokerage Review

Acquisition Station is one of younger brokerages, established and operated by Ryan Rorensen – former Senior Broker of FE International. Established in late 2014, Acquisition Station has grown quicker than most other newcomers, but only appears to have sold 13 listings, majority in the sub-$100k price range, in its first year in operation.

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Digital Exits Review

Digital Exits Brokerage Review

Digital Exits is one of smaller brokerages, established and owned by Jock Purtle in 2014. Whilst the company has been around for some time, its deal volume is relatively small and it doesn’t employ any brokers apart from Jock Purtle itself.

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