Acquisitions Direct Review

Acquisitions Direct Brokerage Review

Established in 2008, Acquisitions Direct is one of more established brokerages that specialises primarily in higher-value ($1 Million+) ecommerce listings but is seen to take on listings as small as low six figures.

Acquisitions Direct appears to operate on a high-value/low-quantity model, closing only a few transactions each year.

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Trusted Site Seller Review

Digital Acquisitions Review

First established in 2010 Trusted Site Seller is a smaller brokerage ran by Ryan Kauffman since 2012. At first its business revolved around utilising public marketplaces such as Flippa, assisting sellers in listing preparation and sales, but they’ve since transformed into an independent brokerage

TSS’s listing volume has never been high, only closing a handful of listings each year.

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WeSellYourSite Review

WeSellYourSite Brokerage Review

WeSellYourSite is likely the longest-established website brokerage, first starting operations in 2006. Simiarly to the majority of more established firms, WeSellYourSite mostly focuses on high-value listings, but have seen taking on listings as small as $200,000 at times.

WeSellYourSite is ran by Michael Koral, who also runs other businesses, such as

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W3 Business Advisors Review

W3 Business Advisors Review

W3 Business Advisors was first established in 2009 and has since been operating in the online business brokerage industry, mostly focusing mid-value ($250k – $1M) listings, predominantly in the ecommerce sector.

W3’s listing volume isn’t high, but appears to be relatively consistent.

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