Fact or Myth - Website Due Diligence

7 Common Myths About Website Due Diligence

Performing due diligence on websites or online businesses is needless to say a difficult and daunting task. But it would be MUCH easier if it wasn’t for the large quantities of myths and flawed advice being thrown around by self-proclaimed “professionals”. This article looks at the 7 most common DD myths.

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The MOST Important Website Due Diligence Question (That Buyers Rarely Ask)

If you’re someone who’s looking to purchase an online business or purchased a few already, you probably know that due diligence is a difficult subject, and there are a lot of things to verify and confirm before you can safely assume that the site you’re about to commit your hard earned money to is actually worth it, and not the work of a smart scammer trying to sell you a dud.

But even the buyers who tend to perform extremely thorough due diligence often completely neglect what I consider by far the most important due diligence question/assessment when buying an online business ……

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