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Who is Bryan O’Neil and Why Should I Listen to Him?

Hi and welcome to!

Having published various articles on the subjects of Buying and Selling Websites, Online Due Diligence and Overall Business and Startup Strategies through various publications and sites, I have finally decided to launch – my personal blog and site.

What has Bryan O’Neil published before?

I have published a fairly large number of articles and done a fair few presentations. Pieces that I personally like the most include:

The Break Up: End Your Love Affair With Organic Traffic! (, July 2013)

Key Differences in Performing Due Diligence on Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar Businesses (, July 2013)

Presentation: 7 Common Website Due Diligence Mistakes (Slideshare, June 2013)

What If Your Dream Site Is a Rotten Tomato? (, September 2013) 

Who is Bryan O’Neil, what does he do and what has he done before?

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for cutting-edge technology, business intelligence and the world of buying and selling online businesses.

Having years of experience in the online business acquisitions industry, my current projects include Centurica – a recent start-up offering Website Due Diligence and related services, as well as private consulting and several smaller side-projects.

Prior to launching Centurica, I was a director and co-owner of FE International (then Flipping Enterprises) – one of the leading website brokerages in the industry – which myself and Thomas Smale founded in 2010. I exited from Flipping Enterprises in early 2013 to pursue the due diligence side of the industry, something that I was never able to do when running a brokerage and representing sellers, as opposed to buyers.

Before FE, I was involved in various online projects, both as a consultant and an investor, as well as in the online gaming industry (I used to run the Marketing and Customer Service department of a prominent online poker operator).

What kind of content can you expect to see at

This site will first and foremost see content in the areas of website acquisitions (tips for both the buyers and the sellers of web businesses), due diligence – a topic that can never be talked about enough, as well as my own business-, marketing- and time management tips and tricks that I have developed over my 10 years as an entrepreneur.

Note that all of the content posted on this site strictly represents my personal opinion, not that of the businesses I’m involved with. I believe this to benefit the readers a fair bit, as being able to speak one’s mind often produces much better content than would be possible when being bound to what’s “politically correct”.

My Commitment 

As I’m someone who utterly dislikes writing for the sake of writing (and people who write for the sake of writing), I will make no commitments with regards to the frequency of posting new content on this site. I do, however, commit to posting only when I have something to say, meaning that you will never see any fluff-posts or articles written for the sake of meeting a deadline on this site.

Let’s Keep in Touch!

If you’re interested in what I have to say then pop your email address to the box on the left side of this article and I’ll keep you updated when I release anything new and interesting.

Note that I never spam. You will receive updates and updates only – no marketing rubbish.

And you can always follow me on Twitter – @Centurica !

Catch you later! 

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